Ben Askren is Not Impressed With Conor McGregor or ‘Mediocre’ Nate Diaz

Ben Askren has made it no secret his retirement has one, big Canadian asterisk.

[He’s only coming back to fight Georges…

“Nate Diaz sucks. I mean, yeah. [Conor] McGregor is barely the best in the world. I mean, the guy beat up Nate Diaz barely a couple of times and Nate Diaz himself is a very mediocre UFC fighter. There is no way you can argue that sentiment because all you have to do is look at [Diaz’s] record. The record shows he’s a very middle-of-the-road UFC fighter, he’s a 500 guy. He wins half, he loses half. Sure, he’s had some good wins, but he’s also had some terrible losses.”