Artem Lobov Promises He’ll Never Be a ‘Beggar’ Like the Rest of the UFC Roster

How many fighters ask Dana White for a bonus after their fights?

How many Tweet at matchmakers requesting certain match-ups? If you haven’t paid attention, it’s a whole lot. That’s not…

“The UFC is full of beggars. They’re all beggars. You need to be a go-getter. You need to go and get it. You need to go and make changes and go after what you want. All these guys they beg for everything. When they want more money, they don’t how else to go about it. They say, ‘Oh please pay me more, you’re not paying me enough’. What kind of attitude is that? I hate people like that. I never want to be a guy like that and I never will be. I went out there, I reached out to other organizations and said I could potentially be getting cut, I’m not yet but I could be, what are the offers, what are the options?”