Yankees fans boo Rudy Giuliani after announcer wishes him 'happy birthday'

Yankees fans wished Rudy Giuliani a happy boo-day. Most appropriate gift EVER!

Rudy Giuliani spent his Memorial Days watching a Yankees game, but when the announcer mentioned that he was in the audience the baseball fans weren’t exactly thrilled. The former NYC mayor and current Trump attorney was attending the game in celebration of his 74th birthday.

The announcer wished him a Happy Birthday, but instead of getting a rousing birthday song from the other Yankees fans in attendance, Giuliani got a bunch of booing instead.

How apropos.

Watch the video above, posted to YouTube by The Ring of Fire on May 29, 2018.

Read more about the crowd reaction, “Rudy Giuliani booed at Yankee Stadium when announcer wishes him happy birthday” written by Zachary Ripple posted by NY Daily News on May 28, 2018.