Why nuance and degree MATTER when discussing sexual abuse and #MeToo

The #MeToo movement is crucial, but the some are handling it could give it less power than it deserves.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are on the cusp of changing society for the better with the #MeToo movement, and like any revolutionary force, the power structure will seek to subvert a threatening truth by turning public opinion away from it. In this case the Right is framing #MeToo as insane feminist militants who want to punish men for asking them out on a date, and we are playing into that. If we aren’t careful, needed change will be derailed due to our own ignoring of nuance, intent and degrees.

There actually is a difference between rape and a sexist joke and a butt pat. Yes all need to be addressed, and none should be dismissed, but putting them in the same category is playing into the forces that want to silence women. It’s easy to shame women who speak up when a rape victim can be seen as equal to someone complaining about a dirty joke. Al Franken’s tasteless photo is not the same as Harvey Weinstein’s serial rape. If we hold them both to the same level of public shaming, it will invalidate the movement. On that subject, the trial by public option aka mob mentality is dangerous.

Bill Maher had a thought provoking segment on the #MeToo movement with NYT editor Bari Weiss. Especially compelling was a cry to not abandon love, intimacy and romance even as we seek a safe and equal world. For the record, I don’t endorse Bill. Bill has made troubling anti Muslim statements, and has given platform to white supremacists like Ann Coulter and Milo, but hot DAMN he and Bari had some good points in this video, that is, before he needlessly bashes on Millenials. Watch for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Watch the clip in the video below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Find out more here: "Bill Maher Goes Off on ‘F*cking Fragile’ Millennials in #MeToo Movement" written by Josh Felman for Mediaite on Februay 9, 2018.