Watch Sean Hannity flip out over over fake 'Spygate': 'Shame on Trey Gowdy!'

The most unintentionally hilarious thing you'll see all day, we promise.

After watching Shep Smith taking Trump and the “Spy Gate” theory to the cleaners, you might have felt like Fox News was finally getting it right. But. Then Sean Hannity opened his mouth and Fox lost all credibility. Again.

Hannity spent his opening monologue puffing up the “Spy Gate” nonsense and complaining about Congressman Trey Gowdy. The Fox News host is calling Trump’s claim that the FBI spied on his campaign the “biggest political scandal in American history.” Only Trump and Hannity have absolutely no evidence of the spying.

Hannity complains that Congressman Gowdy is “defending the FBI’s use of spies in its overall investigation into Russian collusion.” Perhaps, what Hannity and Trump consider a spy Gowdy considers an investigator…

Watch an unhinged Hannity in the video above posted by the REAL DISCUSSIONS YouTube channel on May 30, 2018.

For more read, “Hannity Unleashes on ‘Spy Gate’ Doubters: ‘Shame on Trey Gowdy’ written by Joseph A Wulfsohn posted by Mediaite on May 30, 2018