WATCH: Rudy Giuliani has TOTAL meltdown over hypocritical subpoena statements

Chris Cuomo busts Giuliani for being a blatant flip-flopper on national television. Rudy does NOT react well.

When Rudy Giuliani sat to have a chat with CNN’s Chris Cuomo he was very adamant that a sitting president, like Trump, could not be forced to testify. However, Cuomo rounded up some footage of Giuliani being asked the same exact question back when it was Bill Clinton in the hot seat, and he gave the exact opposite response.

Giuliani, of course, didn’t appreciate being shown as a hypocritical liar on national television, and he started throwing a little tantrum shouting, “That’s extremely unfair what you’re doing right now! This is the reason people don’t come on this show!”

Of course, what is actually unfair, is the fact that Giuliani and the rest of Trump’s hooligans think the American people are so ignorant that we can’t see through the blatantly obvious lies they continue to spout at an overwhelming pace.

A word of advice for Giuliani, don’t be a fucking hypocrite, and then you won’t have to be embarrassed on national television.

Watch the video above, posted to YouTube by Brad Reed on May 18, 2018.