Watch real people from Carrier explain Trump did NOT save their jobs

Yet another lie. Trump did not save the Carrier plant jobs in Indiana.

Watch the real people tell the truth behind the big Trump lie that he saved their jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana. Trump tweeted about Carrier jobs and had a big Trumpian photo op with workers. Now after a massive tax break and a 1 Billion dollar payout from the American people, the jobs went to Mexico anyhow.

Click on the video below to hear their stories:

From the Good Jobs Nation Facebook page:

"Donald Trump promised to save the jobs of workers at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis. He promised to slap a huge tax on companies who offshored American jobs. Instead, over the past year, the Trump Administration has awarded Carrier’s parent company $1 billion in taxpayer money. This week, Carrier will lay off hundreds more workers at Carrier and ship those jobs to Mexico.

Nothing has changed. Trump broke his promise. These are the workers Trump forgot. #WeTheForgotten"

Submitted by Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

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