WATCH: Pat Robertson now claims it's 'sensible' to ban assault weapons

Cult member Pat Robertson is falling right in line with Dear Leader Trump.

Pat Robertson is making sense and it frightens me. The cult is falling right in step with dear leader Trump! Robertson, on his 700 Club show today called for a ban on automatic weapons, bump stocks and suggested expanded background checks. I think we found Evangelical Kryptonite and it takes the form of loud angry teenagers!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am a gun owner...I have hunted. I have shot skeet. I have gotten awards when I was in the Marine Corps for shooting. I’ve got no opposition whatsoever to shooting, but for heaven’s sakes, I don’t think that the general population needs to have automatic weapons. It just doesn’t have to have Russian-built or Chinese-built machine guns. It just doesn’t.”

When evangelical Christians start making sense to me I start to have panic attacks about the tetrahedron collider possibly miss firing in dramatic ways and sending us into weird alternate universes.

Robertson even called to ban bump stocks saying, “I mean it’s one thing to defend yourself with a pistol or a shotgun to hunt with, but it’s something else to have [assault weapons],” he added. “I think we can ban those things without too much trouble. They have what they call bump stocks, which you hit it and it would go automatic, we can stop that.”

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

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For more, read "‘It’s Sensible’: Pat Robertson Call For A Ban On Assault Weapons" written by Kyle Mantyla for Right Wing Watch on February 20, 2018.