WATCH: NRA stooge Dana Loesch accuses Parkland teen activists of 'extortion'

Could it be any more apparent that the NRA is terrified of David Hogg and the other Parkland teen activists?

NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch is all riled up because Americans in Florida exercised their right to protest. Loesch loves to “defend her 2nd Amendment right” but when it comes to the other rights on the list...well. The NRA writes her paycheck so all those other rights Americans are supposed to have aren’t quite as important.

Dana’s big beef at the moment is the fact that David Hogg was able to organize enough protests (or “die-ins”) at Publix grocery stores in Florida to get the company to change its political campaign donation policy. The participants would lie down on the floor as if dead to protest the fact that Publix was donating to a politician that calls himself a “sellout” to the NRA.

Publix listened and issued a statement saying they would no longer contribute to the campaign, but Dana Loesch is calling this extortion. She is also saying that David Hogg “demanded that Publix give the March for Our Lives group the same amount of money.” What actually happened is David Hogg Tweeted a message that said “I call on @Publix to donate.”

Staging a protest and calling out a business on twitter doesn’t really qualify as extortion, Dana.

Watch the video below:

No. 1-1

Dana doesn't know the proper definition of the word extortion. I'll bet 99% of her listeners don't either.