Watch Ex-Ethics Chief: Republicans attacking Mueller are 'scumbags'

A CNN panel gets heated when discussing the Mueller investigation.

A recent CNN panel discussion got pretty heated causing a former ethics chief, Richard Painter, to vehemently defend Robert Mueller and the FBI. He went on to call the Republicans “scumbags” for their attacks on the integrity of the special counsel and the bureau.

Host Martin Savidge asked Trump supporter Jack Kingston to explain Trump’s fake news claim regarding the attempted firing of Mueller, “Jack, President Trump has claimed the report that he tried to fire Mueller was ‘fake news.’ He’s used that before on things that he has not liked that have been reported to the mainstream media. But even his favorite news channel, Fox News, has confirmed the report. So is fake news going to cut it as far as the defense for the president?”

Kingston replied that Trump didn’t need a defense, “I think at this time he had a very, very aggressive attorney in Marc Kasowitz who probably made the recommendation not only to be pushed back very, very hard but to consider firing Mueller because of his obvious conflict of falling out about the golf club with Trump and the fact that he was passed over for the FBI job just days before which he apparently really wanted.”

Savidge wasn’t having it though. He demanded to know how Trump could simultaneously blame the talk of firing on his lawyer and also claim it is all “fake news.”

Another panelist, Nadeam El Shami, ridiculed the Republican’s boot-licking saying that if Trump held up a sign with the letter A on it and claimed it was the letter B, then Republican’s would back him in lie.

Kingston bumbled on some more about the as yet unseen memo that calls Trump a “douchebag,” the anti-Trump sentiment in the FBI, and Mueller’s conflicts. At this point, Richard Painter interrupted with, “These attacks on Robert Mueller are disgusting. Robert Mueller was at the FBI picking up the pieces after 9/11. He’s a loyal Republican appointed by President Bush, he’s is a good man.”

Painter got really fired up, his voice rising as he continued, “People accusing him of bias are liars, flat out liars. I’ve been a Republican for 30 years, but I’m not going to put up with scumbags in my party attacking a good man like Robert Mueller who is a loyal American, a patriot. He was a Marine. He is the straight arrow that we need in charge of this investigation.”

The panel did not go well for Kingston. His statements and comments looked weak in comparison to the other commenters. Painter, on the other hand, echoed the majority of America’s sentiments when he said Trump should “get thrown out of office.”

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