Watch Christian leaders discuss plan to 'take over' American politics

The methodical plan to seek power by conservative Christians starts, “community by community by community..."

Former Virginia Rep. recently celebrated Religious Freedom Day with the so-called Christian historian, David Barton with an obnoxiously long Facebook live event they called “Keep Faith in America.” The 8-hour long livestream included footage of state events, pre-recorded videos, and live interviews.

At one point, Barton interviewed Mark Gonzales, a member of the U.S. Hispanic Action Network. Gonzales expounded the importance of politicians fearing the “power of the church,” and stressed that Christians, especially conservative Christians, needed to run for political office so that they could impress their “biblical values” on the individual states and the nation as a whole. Gonzales said, “There are two things that are missing in society,The fear of the Lord and the fear of the church. The fear of the Lord, that is prayer. The fear of the church, that is political. Let’s just be real about it.”

Both Barton and Gonzales agreed it was a good sign when politicians wanted to speak at churches because it proved the influence the church wields. Barton went on to insist, “That’s not being political. That is standing for an influence of righteousness.”

Gonzales explained the impact the Church could have after gaining influence, creating a strategy to attain power by targeting city council and school board races, putting conservative candidates in a position to obtain higher offices.

The methodical plan to seek power by conservative Christians starts, “community by community by community, next thing you know, we take over the state.” A chilling thought for those on the other side of the spectrum.

Read all the chilling details, “Mark Gonzales: The Church Must Prepare Candidates To ‘Take Over The State" written by Kyle Mantyla for Right Wing Watch, published on January 18, 2017.

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