Watch Anti-Vaxxers go ballistic after NJ votes for stronger immunization laws

The Idiocracy somehow grinds on for yet another day.

This week in things we wish we didn’t know, the Anti-Vaccine nutters are rabbling in New Jersey. They seem like totally sane and rational people as they shriek at lawmakers, “You are going to hell” and of course the classic, “Democrats destroy America.” Their mob behavior and ignorance of science was punctuated by this gem of a comment by Melissa Macacho, “We are not anti-science. We respect science. But we do not worship it.”

Based on one flawed study which has been debunked, and the unending TV appearances of B-Lister Jenny McCarthy spewing an illogical insistence that her son’s autism was caused by the Measles vaccine, a movement was born. The paranoid parents of America New Jersey chapter assembled at the States Congress. Hundreds of them gathered to yell at lawmakers for working on a bill that would require a notarized form in order to get a religious exemption for kids to attend school without vaccines.

I mean, once dead diseases are alive again, and the study that started this crud is debunked, but parenting doesn’t require an competency test as this mob proves.

I’m sure they can find some equally nutty pastor to sign their forms. There’s always one.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "WATCH: Anti-vaxx parents go berserk after NJ lawmakers tighten rules on immunizations" written by Travis Gettys for Raw Story on April 7, 2018.

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You all know that stupid parents who deliberately either murder their children due to 'demons', or who allow them to die of easily preventable diseases are always free to have more children. That's because after their children's deaths there is no judge on this planet that can prevent stupid people from having MORE children and doing it all over again. Religion always gets a pass when it comes to protecting children.