Unhinged white motorist shouts 'Go back to China!' at Korean-American AF veteran

The TRUE symptoms of REAL "Trump Derangement Syndrome" rear their ugly head again.

A Korean-American man was harassed by a woman hurling racial slurs while attempting to drive down the street in California. James Ahn, an Air Force veteran, encountered the hateful woman while driving in Fremont. His passenger recorded a video of the incident which Ahn posted to his Facebook account.

The woman, apparently enraged by his slower speed, started driving very aggressively and make threatening movements with her car, like speeding up as if to hit him and then cutting him off just to slam on the brake. It wasn’t until she pulled up beside him and started shouting racial slurs that he knew it was more of a hate-crime than just run of the mill road rage.

The other driver started shouting things like “this is my country” while pulling back her eyelids in a racist gesture. She then shouted for him to “go back to China.” The video ends with the woman shouting, “go back to China, you ugly Chinese.”

Watch the video above, “Woman Makes Racist Gesture to Asian-American Driver posted by the Now This Facebook page on May 23, 2018