Trump fought against regulations to make sprinklers in high-rises mandatory

Facts didn’t stop Trump from using someone’s death as an opportunity to brag about his property. So classy, like gold.

A fire in Trump Tower killed a resident and injured 6 firefighters, all due to Trump’s own cheapness. A display of bright orange fire pouring out of the steel gray exterior of the Trump branded building is causing scrutiny into the lax safety conditions that led to the blaze.

Seems it’s Trump’s own lobbying that prevented the building from having proper sprinklers installed, a fact that causes concern for the poor folks who have to protect the Toddler-in-Chief when he visits. These facts didn’t stop Trump from using someone’s death as an opportunity to brag about his property. Always classy, like gold.

Without a shred of decency or shame, Trump is already trying to spin it in this tweet:

Fact is, it’s not well built and the dangerous conditions are due to Trumps own penny pinching and lobbying efforts. When NYC was passing a bill to become one of the last cities to require sprinklers, Trump fought it. He managed to get his way. When the requirements passed, no buildings had to retrofit for sprinklers, saving Trump a bundle.

It’s such a known death trap, that extra fire safety measures are put in place whenever Trump decides to take a vacation from his vacation and go home. New York Fire Department commissioner Daniel Nigro revealed that when Trump is there, they deploy extra fire protection. So Trump Tower is a known fire safety problem, and the taxpayers instead of Trump are footing the bill to correct it. More than 200 firefighters came out to fight this blaze, which could have been prevented, but I’m sure Trump wont be sending them a check. Not to mention, someone without the extra fire protection Trump gets, is dead.

Watch a report about the preventable tragedy by CBS News, below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Trump Tower Fire Death Update: Trump Lobbied Against Proposal to Make Sprinklers Mandatory" written by Tom Porter for Newsweek on April 8, 2018.