Trump compares himself to Lincoln and Washington at GOP retreat

Trump’s GOP retreat speech was mostly about how he is winning at being president. Because of course it was.

A rather jovial Trump spoke at the GOP retreat in West Virginia where he boasted about his administration fulfilling “more promises than we’ve promised,” and bragging about being a better president than Lincoln or Washington, claiming Senator Orrin Hatch called him “the greatest president in the history of our country.”

Hatch has since told a reporter that his actual words were “can be the greatest” not “is the greatest.” A distinction likely too subtle for the ears of a narcissist.

Trump did manage to send thoughts and prayers to those impacted by the Amtrak collision before rambling on about his accomplishments for the next 30 minutes which included a pat on the back for the tax reform passing and self-congratulations for lifting the ban on drilling in Alaska’s wildlife refuge. Trump referred to his first year as president as one of “the greatest years in the history of politics.”

He called for more vocational schools to increase the skilled workforce which is an admirable plan, but then he kept talking, “vocational is a much better word than, in many cases, a community college. A lot of people don’t know what a community college means or represents.”

Trump went on to discuss DACA, refusing to call the recipients Dreamers, he said, ““We’re either going to have something that’s fair and equitable, or we’re going to have nothing at all.”

Although he did not mention his erroneous claim that his State of the Union address was viewed by “the highest number in history,” (it wasn’t. Obama, W, and Clinton all had higher numbers according to Nielsen), he did complain about the lack of applause he received from Democrats.

Basically, the speech was the standard Trump recipe: 2 cups of gloating, 1 cup of lies, a dash of complaining about Democrats, and a sprinkle of stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

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