Suffering from chronic pain? "Take an aspirin and tough it out’" Says Sessions

Opioids are bad. That we can all agree. Where we differ is demonizing marijuana.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has some advice for chronic pain sufferers and people who recently had major surgery, “take an aspirin and tough it out.” At a recent speech given in Tampa, Sessions was discussing opioid addiction and calling out the medical industry for prescribing “too many opioids,” when he offered up that little nugget of advice. “You can get through these things,” he said.

Sessions has good authority to dispense medical advice because he has a background in medicine...oh, wait. He doesn't. He has a background in law. Well then, he must know so much about pain management because of his diagnosis with a chronic debilitating disease, but, no, he isn’t known for battling any medical issues either. In truth, Sessions just doesn’t like people with disabilities very much, he voted against the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, calling disabled students violent and disruptive.


Plus, he isn’t all that keen on science in general and is skeptical of climate change, and he is a very outspoken against the legalization of medical marijuana erroneously claiming it is a gateway drug to opioid addiction regardless of the fact that numerous studies have shown that to be false information.

Politicians across the entire political spectrum will agree that there is an opioid problem in America, but Sessions making flippant remarks to get a chuckle, is not in any way helpful to the issue. It pushes the narrative that those with chronic pain are just weak people being overly dramatic. His “take an aspirin” remarks and his unwillingness to acknowledge the positive medical effects of marijuana, is proof that Sessions is just being willfully ignorant and flat out ignoring the actual science.

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