Shep Smith on Trump's libel law bluster: 'A word salad of nothingness'

Shep Smith calls out Trump about his libel laws talk, saying “He’s not a king! He can’ change the libel laws.”

Donald Trump recently stated that he is ready to “take a strong look” at the libel laws in the US. Although weak libel laws is something Trump has discussed before, the subject is most likely on his mind right now because of the new book by Michael Wolff, an expose of the Trump White House.

Not everyone shares the president’s enthusiasm, however. Shep Smith from Fox News had quite a bit to say on the matter. Calling out Trump’s statements as a “word salad of nothingness.” He also discussed the fact that the executive branch doesn’t really have any say in the libel laws because those laws are made by the individual states.

Smith made it a point to state that he wanted to report the facts when he was discussing the president’s remarks with John Bussey, associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. Both agreed Trump has no jurisdiction concerning libel laws and that it would be extremely difficult to get congress on board to make any changes.

Getting a bit heated, Shep ended the segment with a little fire and fury of his own, “He’s not a dictator! He’s not a king! He can’t change the libel laws. That’s preposterous!”