Samantha Bee goes to Trump country to give Democrats a 'Blue Wave' reality check

Bee reminds Democrats not to become complacent. Trump supporters are still as rabid as ever.

Liberals are feeling empowered by the Blue Wave that seems to be sweeping the nation, but late night host Samantha Bee doesn’t want anyone getting complacent because Trump still has his rabid supporters.

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To prove the point, Bee sent one of her correspondents, Amy Hoggart, to the Michigan Trump rally to see if any love has been lost, but Hoggart found that it definitely had not. Thousands of people were standing outside in the cold waiting to worship their hero, and they were still as full of adoration for the man as they were when this whole mess started.

Hoggart talked to people waiting in line, and they were happy to sing Trump’s praises. The consensus being that he was doing a great job and was a god-sent president. The biggest winning moments for everyone seemed to be the tax cuts and the “peace” in North Korea. One supporter even thought Trump was a shoo-in for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The biggest surprise was Randall, a Trump-er that Hoggart has interviewed twice before. The cheery Randall was proud to admit that this was his 30th Trump rally, and he was as happy as ever with the amazing job coming out of the Oval Office.

No one seems to care about all of the scandals associated with the Trump administration, writing them all of because Trump “is human” and “has sins” just like anybody else. They are just so happy he is keeping the “riff-raff” out of the country.

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The segment ends with “scary Ted Nugent” who claims that Democrats can’t learn anything, and that he doesn’t associate with any Democrats or Liberals. He stands there arms crossed, wearing a cowboy hat, seemingly a caricature of a person, but before we fade to black Hoggart and Bee remind everyone that in addition to being ridiculous, “scary Ted Nugent” is also a voter.

Watch the video, “Don’t Be So Sure About That Blue Wave” above posted by Full Frontal on May 2, 2018