RW Pastor: Liberals removing confederate statues for the Antichrist

This week in Christian Nutters, Illuminati and the clearing of Confederate Monuments to make space for the Antichrist…

Funny as shit, yes, but I believe it’s dangerous to merely dismiss the increasing popularity of conspiracy theorists like this as recluses in the Montana Mountains. Just last week in ‘liberal’ Connecticut my mail delivery came from a federal postal employee, in the officially marked mail vehicle, blasting a radio show ranting about ‘the Apocalypse coming, like, this week.’ Well, here we all are over seven days later, no Apocalypse other than Pastor Randy Richey of Christ Outreach Oklahoma on “Weekend Vigilante” Radio. This week ranting about the Illuminati and Bill Clinton.

I blame millennials for making the 90’s cool again. But I digress...

So here’s the big reveal; Pastor Randy knows that Bill Clinton was never impeached because the Freemasons protected him. “We had a president of the United States that awhile back committed a sexual sin in the White House... And I’m telling you they did not impeach him because the Senate is full of Masons and there is no way they’re going to impeach a brother Mason.”

The other insight revealed by the high lead count in the Pastor’s water is that Confederate Monuments are being taken down to prepare the way for evil! He says, “but listen to me, the reason they’re tearing them down is a precursor. When the Antichrist comes to power, there ain’t going to be any statues of anybody but him … The Antichrist will not allow any worship but to him and that is being prepared, that is the spiritual preparation for that day.”

So we should fight The AntiChrist by protecting statues of people that literally fought to keep brown people as slaves, a practice disparaged in the Magic Book? So wait, if we get rid of idols to evil men THAT’S bringing the Apocalypse? Logically speaking, the Apocalypse is a good thing then.

It’s sad really. I grew up in a Christian Cult. They prey on sick people and are themselves sick. There is no way to convince them of facts, the ONLY way to help is to be kind and expose them to people who they don’t know and do fear. Pastor Richey and wife’s bios say, “born into dysfunctional families..... mired in demonic lifestyles of rejection which included inherited masonic curses,drugs,alcohol,fights ,abuse, sexual sin, multiple divorces, etc,etc. A true trail of tears.” Lord please, I pray for them to put a space after a comma, and Lord give us public healthcare so this man could have gotten help. Instead he’s on the radio spewing his imbalanced brain chemicals like a fire hose.

Listen to the unhinged audio below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca