Rich Russians rushing to the US to give birth

Pssst; Trumpers, they’re not brown ... are you still pissed?

Birthright Citizenship is part of what makes America great. Enshrined in the Constitution, if you’re born on US soil, (or waters or airspace,) you’re a US citizen. The law even covers obscure scenarios like a child under age five found in the US of unknown parentage. It’s pretty clear our Founding Fathers wanted to cast a broad welcoming net.

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Trump made all sorts of promises to change Birthright Citizenship. Who cares about constitutional rights when you can throw red meat to the GOP base and rag on poor Mexican moms simultaneously? Trump must know that the 90% rise in non US Citizen moms coming here to give birth is from Rich Russians. After all, he’s a stable genius, he must know.

Russian agencies like Miami Mama sell the dream of an American Baby, and it’s completely legal. The agencies set up all inclusive stays, connect women to doctors, and find them housing, often in Trump properties. There’s no evidence that Trump is directly benefiting from this, but it’s bad PR for a man that rails against so called ‘anchor babies’ and ‘chain migration.’

These rich Russian moms are also hoping for their own eventual citizenship. The so called ‘chain migration,’ when a person with citizenship can advocate for their families to get green cards. When anyone brown or Muslim commits a crime and can be connected to this program, you’ll see Trump rage tweet about this.

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Next time your weird neighbor or mean drunk uncle stars ranting about chain migration and anchor babies, make sure to snap a photo of their face when you tell them about the Rich White Russians who are doing it.

Submitted by Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Find out more by reading "Birth tourism brings Russian baby boom to Miami" written by Cynthia McFadden, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Tracy Connor and Anna R. Schecter and published by NBC News on January 10, 2018