Rexit. How a political cartoon is born?

Rexit... Nick Anderson talks through a video showing actual drawing process of the cartoon.

The Final cartoon:

Rexit...Rex Tillerson gets fired via Twitter. He's just the latest to get shabby treatment from his classless boss. When he's not randomly firing people, he's undermining them (Jeff Sessions), or they're running for the exits on their own, resulting in the highest White House turnover in history.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer stated, "that in the last 24 hours, Donald J. Trump has FIRED Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein, and (Trump) Personal Aide John McEntee . Also, the following people resigned: State Department Chief of Staff Margaret Peterlin; State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Christine Ciccone; and SF Immigration & Customs Dept SPOX James Schwab.

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