Republican Rep tweets, then deletes, photo of Nazi troops meant as D-Day tribute

That awkward moment when you accidentally use a picture of Nazis instead of allied soldiers on D-Day.

A Republican Representative from Georgia, Drew Ferguson, wanted to commemorate the 74th anniversary of D-Day with some inspiring words and a photo of our brave lads in action. Unfortunately, Ferguson wasn’t as thorough in his editing as he should have been because the black-and-white photo he chose to accompany his tweet was actually a pic of Nazi troops. Oops!

Photo via screenshot from the TIME YouTube channel on Jun 6, 2018 Photo via screenshot from the TIME YouTube channel on Jun 6, 2018

The soldiers in the photo are wearing helmets with Nazi decals on them, and in the background was a tank featuring a Nazi military symbol, the Iron Cross. Ferguson, of course, deleted the post once the gaffe was commented on, and his spokesperson made a statement saying the image was chosen by an intern.

Although the Ferguson crew was quick to delete the original tweet and replace it with a photo of actual American soldiers, Twitter doesn’t forget. Retweeted screenshots popped up taking some funny jabs at the mistake:

“That awkward moment when you’re an incumbent Republican Congresscritter, running for re-election, and tweet out a picture of Hitler’s troops to honor #DDay,” tweeted T. Greg Doucette, a defense attorney and podcast host.

Watch a video about the tweet in the video above, published by the TIME YouTube channel on Jun 6, 2018.

Read more about the Twitter whoopsy, “GOP lawmaker tweets, deletes D-Day tribute featuring Nazi soldiers” written by Morgan Gstalter posted by The Hill on June 6, 2018.