REMINDER: This video isn't from Nazi Germany, it was taken last month in America

The racists are becoming ore empowered by the day thanks to "permission" from Donald Trump.

After their rally a few weeks ago, neo-Nazis with the National Socialist Movement held a "lighting" in Georgia. These are the picture that emerged, via Twitter user @JackSmithIV**:

Click the link below to see the entire thread:**

This rise in hatred is being called the “Trump Effect" by researchers. A study, conducted at UMass, found a correlation between Trump’s hateful and racist rhetoric and the willingness of white people to express a bigoted view. Brian Schaffner, the researcher behind the study, found that:

“Trump’s language [about Mexicans] doesn’t just embolden people to say more negative and more offensive things about the group he’s talking about, but it actually leads them to say more offensive things about all groups.”

THIS is Trump's America.

Watch the video above published by the TIME YouTube channel on April 23, 2018.

There is part in the story where a guy says white nationalism is dying. I disagree. It's not only growing, but getting more organized. And the leader are Nazis. The part I don't understand is I'll bet many of their grandparents fought against the Nazis. But this is what happens when misinformation, or not information is passed down, from one generation to another.

Can you imagine how queer this is to watch from Germany?
If these guys would do that here, we'll put them into court. Showing and parding Nazi symbols or symbols of of nazi sympathisers or shouting Nazi paroles (bad german pronounciation btw those dudes have) will get you behind bars for up to 5 years. That's why only the really dumb neo-nazis here let them get caught with these 'provocations'.

No, here it's not freedom of speech to glorify the crimes or the criminal system the so called national socialists.

Send them here and let them do this here again, we can take care of 'em .... ;-)

If you understand history, you'll come to understand this is all planned. America funds Neo Nazi's in the EU, in Ukraine, and in Australia as well.

This is nothing unexpected.


Americans don't have a clue. We are watching Our country and our world literally being run by Nazis, their decedents, and the networks they created. The Elite just juggled its agents of the world order into positions in other governments and NGO's that weren't so exposed.

1945 Hitler's regime is relocated under the pretense of defeat.

1945 Operation Paperclip allows the United States to absorb Nazis into our government intelligence and scientific agencies. They were provided new identities, paychecks, and government jobs thru which they and their descendants and networks run this country to this day.

Our country is run thru the CFR, which takes its orders from the Bilderberg Group which was created by a Nazi in.......... You guessed it. 1945. The Bilderberg Group was also responsible for the creation of the European Union.

The same year that the CFR's first attempt at world government (League of Nations) failed, the United Nations was erected by the very same network - 1945.

So yes - All countries, at this juncture are beginning to look a lot like Nazi Germany - Because it's about leadership.............. WAKE UP.