Pro-Trump evangelical: Guns are 'as biblical as a shepherd boy’s slingshot'

According to Matt Barber, well-known anti-LGBTQ activist and evangelical, Jesus LOVED guns.

Matt Barber hates the gays and loves the guns like all good Evangelicals, because carrying flesh shredders is more…

Matt went on ‘American Family Radio’ to say GodJesus advocated for the Second Amendment and the “uninfringeable constitutional right” to have the guns, just “as biblical as a shepherd boy’s slingshot.” Of course this totally misses the whole lesson of that particular biblical story, which is about a seemingly small weak boy with a slingshot whose only real defense is his good heart. His moral superiority is what allows him to prevail against all odds, using lucky aim to fell a powerful well armed military leader. That’s the beauty of magical thinking though... Evangelicals can make up whatever crud they want even if their own Magic Book contradicts them.