Pregnant woman shot by her 3-year-old daughter with handgun found in car console

An Indiana woman is in critical condition after being accidentally shot in a parking by toddler daughter with dad's gun.

A pregnant woman was critically wounded in an Indiana parking lot when she was shot by a 3-year-old. The girl found her father’s loaded handgun in the center console of the car. The bullet pierced the 21-year-old mother in the shoulder when it penetrated the her car seat.

After hearing a gunshot, witnesses say they found the 6-weeks pregnant woman with blood “pouring out of her.” One witness, Rebecca Todd, recounts the incident, “She was just saying ‘Help, help.’

The injured woman’s boyfriend was inside a store when the shooting occured, and witnesses say he ran outside with the store employees after the gunshot and screaming was heard inside the store. Hadassah Zirkle, another witness, said he ran to the bleeding woman shouting “Did you kill yourself? Did you do this to yourself?”

The Merrillville police reported that the father had stashed the 9mm weapon in the car so he could go inside and shop. “It should have never happened. Should have been locked in the trunk and unloaded,” said the police chief in a press conference.

The man has been taken into custody and faces endangerment charges. The woman was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. The children have been taken into protective custody.

Watch a report about the incident below:

Read more about the tragedy, "3-year-old accidentally shoots pregnant mother in NW Indiana parking lot" by by Kelly Davis and Associated Press for WGN9 Chicago on April 17, 2018.