NRA Ad: Prepare to go to war with 'perverted' animal-loving 'social misfits'

This should really get the loony ammosexuals riled up nicely.

Since Trump is speaking at an NRA event this weekend, it seemed like a good time to remind everyone about the absolute lunacy of the organization. Almost exactly a year ago, the National Rifle Association released a series of videos geared towards hunters that was...well, weird as shit.

The series warns those NRA-faithful gun-toting warriors in Mossy Oak that a battle is coming, and it will be up to them to save the human spirit and the “natural connection to the Earth.” The details seem a bit sketchy, but somehow hunting animals will save all the species on the planet, even the vegans.

The videos look like a mish mash of the stock footage used to sell TV’s in Walmart interspersed with shots of camo-clad men holding assault weapons and staring stoically into the distance. The voice over sounds like someone imitating Sam Elliot asking for a sarsaparilla, but they are having to read off a script full of absolute rubbish while trying desperately to sound like they are imparting nuggets of wisdom:

“Your humanity is not a disease to be cured by the manufactured guilt of the nonsense-stricken tortured souls among us.”


Apparently, there are ten of these strange little videos, but what seems to be missing is a point. What are they trying to accomplish? There is no call to action to them, other than the demand to “trust the hunter in your blood.”

Watch the video above, posted by the NRA YouTube channel with the caption:

"Radical extremist groups with deep ties to organized violence are working around the clock to sully the image of hunters. They have destroyed multi-million dollar businesses and whitewashed their anarchist intentions through a sympathetic mainstream media, with televised images of abused pets in deplorable conditions set to a painfully sad soundtrack. Yet the very same organizations playing to American heartstrings are working day and night to morally redefine hunting as inhuman, insane, perverted and evil. Collectively, this so-called animal rights movement wants to destroy hunters and hunting."

Go home, NRA. You’re drunk.

For more read, “The NRA Warns Hunters to Prepare for War” written by Alex Yablon posted by The Trace on May 4, 2017.