New Rules: 'Shameless, partisan enablers' help Trump stay 'above the law'

According to Bill Maher, Trump IS currently above the law -- and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

Bill Maher didn’t hold back on his Friday night episode where he discussed the fact that Trump actually is very much above the law.

“Of all the fairy tales we’ve told ourselves here in America, the one we most need to get rid of now is, ‘in America, no one is above the law.’"

Maher doesn’t think that sentiment is actually true because “when you don’t have to follow the orders of law enforcement, as Trump clearly doesn’t, you are above the law.” Which as we have all seen, is exactly what Trump has done his entire time in the Oval Office, basically, he does whatever he wants, and he can because the “Constitution does not give permission to indict or prosecute a president.”

Many Americans are hoping for impeachment, but as Maher points out, impeachment “means nothing without conviction.” A conviction would require 67 votes in the Senate, something unlikely to happen because “we’re on the honor system and Republicans are fresh out of honor.”

Watch the video above posted by the Real Time with Bill Maher YouTube channel on May 18, 2018