Moby: CIA pals asked me to help spread terrifying Trump-Russia truth

According to Moby, his friends in the CIA say no one’s sounding the alarm on the real threat from Russia.

As if we weren’t already living in enough of a dissonant upside down world, DJ Moby spoke to WFPK radio on Friday and told a buzz killing tale of Russia’s influence on Trump. He relayed the increasingly desperate pleas of the intelligence community for someone, anyone, to take this shit seriously.

Moby says he was asked by friends in the Intelligence community to use his large Twitter following to amplify a message from them; Trump is a “Manchurian Candidate.” Moby tells of a meeting in which they were so upset that Congress wasn’t acting on their intelligence that Trump is being “run as a Russian agent” that they were trying to alert the American public in any way possible, and wanted to speak to Moby’s audience of tech savvy weirdos.

Moby’s never been a grandstander even at the height of his fame, so for what it’s worth I believe him. When I struck up a conversation with a nerdy bald guy on the Metro in 1994, discussing electronic music and DJs for hours, Moby didn’t even tell me who he was until we parted ways. This character, unlike the myriad of loud mouthed meth head DJs, is probably why Moby was asked to help.

Interviewer Kyle Meredith pointed out that a year ago Moby was tweeting things “that were probably going to happen” regarding Trump Russia, that have now come to pass. Moby said he’s disheartened that a year later Congress still hasn’t acted on the intelligence it received, putting party before country. He cited Trumps ties to mafia, terrorism and dirty Russian oligarchs and said, “It’s really dark...we should fasten our seatbelts and hold on”

The comments about Trump come about 8 minutes into the video posted above.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Read the entire interview here: "Moby discusses new album, Trump, and his next LP!" by Kyle Meredith for WFPK Radio on January 12, 2018