Maher: If you're an evangelical Trump supporter, admit it, you married the mob!

Bill Maher goes off on hypocritical Trumpers in one of the best "New Rules" segments we've seen in a while.

In this weeks "New Rules" segment on Real Time, Bill Maher tells evangelicals exactly why their support of the Trump Administration is so alarmingly hypocritical.

To punctuate Maher's point, consider that a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute shows evangelical support for Trump is at an all time high. Seriously. Now. Today. After multiple porn star payoffs and all. Don’t be surprised. There really is no amount of bareback sex, multiple wives, or trips to Epstein’s pleasure island that will repel the evangelicals from his Mighty Orange Throne.

The support level for Trump among Evangelicals is the highest it’s ever been. 81% among white men and 71% among white women. Repeat, after a minor dip, it’s the highest it’s been since Trump announced his run for president. It’s even a whopping 68% among college-educated white evangelicals.

Lest you think this support is some sort of sad conundrum evangelicals find themselves stuck in, some tragic choice based on a moral weight to defend their side until something better is presented; these people don’t even want a different candidate. They aren’t pushing for a moral leader to run in 2010. 69% say they want Trump to run again rather than someone else.

Watch Bill Maher break down the absurd hypocrisy of "Christian" Trump supporters in the video above.

The above snippet by Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca