Lawyer says iconic Baptist preacher claimed rape was 'good' for young victim

A Baptist preacher, and head of the Southern Baptist Convention, is a raging misogynist. Shocker.

Paige Patterson, was a big name in the Southern Baptist Convention until he was fired for his mishandling of sexual assault victims. When a student at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary was raped in 2015, Patterson, then president of the school, attempted to “break her down” before she was able to speak with police. The former president is also quoted as telling the victim that “her husband wouldn’t care if she was a virgin or not,” and he also threatened to “sic lawyers” on the victim's mother.

Misogynistic behavior is not a new thing for Patterson. The preacher has been given many recorded sermons were he relates some pretty objectionable material. For instance, the baptist preacher claims that divorce is never the answer, even in cases of abuse. In fact, his advice for abused wives is “to be submissive in every way that you can.”

In one of his recorded sermons, he discusses what he considers a success story. A woman was being abused by her husband and came to him seeking help. Patterson advised her to pray at night by her bad and warned that the violence may escalate for a bit. The women came back to church with two black eyes, but her husband came to church for the first time so that was success according to Patterson.

Another example of his misogyny is included in a video sermon, which you can view above, in which Patterson describes a 16-year-old girl as:

“Mmmmmm… Let me just say, she was nice.”

Then he makes a joke about a boy objectifying the girl “just being biblical.”

Patterson still has his supporters though. Most notable is Sharayah Colter, the wife of Patterson’s former chief of staff, who wrote a 15-page memo explaining and defending the preacher’s actions. She attempts to cover up Patterson’s appalling behavior, making excuses for everything from the way he handled the rape victims to his statements on abused wives.

Whatever Colter’s excuses, the facts remain. Patterson encourages women to accept abuse from their husbands, encourages the objectification of teenage girls, and attempts to keep rape victims from reporting their assaults.

Read more, "Southern Baptist seminary drops bombshell: Why Paige Patterson was fired" written by Sarah Pulliam Bailey and published by The Washington Post on June 1, 2018.

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