Journalist The Atlantic hired said women who have abortions should be hanged

This was all public information, so what made The Atlantic think it was a good idea to hire him in the first place?

Kevin Williamson, the human garbage bag who finds himself the focus of our attention wants to live inside The Handmaiden’s Tale and publicly hang women who have had abortions; aka he’s a "conservative voice." The stunted boy misogynist managed to get hired at prestigious publication, The Atlantic, despite a clear record of noxious diatribes against women, trans people, Mexicans and more. Another case of misguided liberal ideals that has, again, spectacularly backfired.

The Atlantic follows in a long line of papers looking to do what liberals do best, compromise, curiously entertain the reprehensible, and play fair with those that hate us. Case in point; The Atlantic’s Goldberg hired Williamson and defended his Tweet calling to hang women who’ve had abortions as just heated conversation something something second chances. Turns out it wasn’t just a flippant Tweet. Turns out Williamson said it in serious discourse, on video, and confirmed it to his new boss. Turns out he actually thinks 25% of American women should be publicly hanged, violently killed, for a medical procedure his religion tells him is bad. Goldberg was put in an awkward spot and fired Williamson. If only there had been SOME way to avoid this.

Who could possibly have predicted that someone known to tweet that women should be hanged for having abortions would be found to actually believe women should be hanged for having abortions? Liberals, there is a REASON no one sits near that man at the end of the bar who hasn’t showered and wants to show you his xeroxed manifesto. Stop asking him if he’d like to publish it.

Thanks to The Atlantic and their doe-eyed approach to a psycho telling them clearly, “hey, I want to murder them bad ladies and also gimmie a column,” we now have to endure another false flag free speech debate. Conservative thought leaders are arguing Williamson was fired simply for being pro-life. Williamson says he picks hanging precisely because it’s a messy violent public display meant to strike fear in a population. Conservative thought leaders are saying this is just “acceptable discourse,” and Ben Shapiro called Williamson “One of the best writers of his generation” Mark Hemingway of The Weekly Standard.

Brianna Wu, feminist, journalist and Senate candidate commented on Williamson's firing, “Women have absolutely had enough. Our lives are not up for debate. Our humanity is not up for debate. And we will not be silent as the fringe right advocates our murder.”

She’s partly wrong though. This is no longer a fringe view, and Williamson’s firing from a mag that should never have hired him in the first place, isn’t something to coo about. We are in terrifying bloody waters here.

Listen to Williamson's disturbing remarks by clicking below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Kevin Williamson also said on his podcast that people who’ve had abortions should be hanged" by Sharon Kann for Media Matters for America on April 4, 2018.