John Oliver published a gay bunny book featuring Pence’s pet rabbit

Late night host, John Oliver, is sticking it to Mike Pence with his gay bunny love story.

British comedian and late night host, John Oliver, has brought trolling to a whole new level this week, and his sights are set on Mike Pence.

Pence and family are releasing a children’s book about the VP rabbit called Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President. The story is told from the perspective of the bunny and was written by Pence’s daughter with illustrations created by his wife.

As a hilarious f*ck off to the VP, Oliver announced the release of his own children’s story on his Sunday evening HBO program:

“It turns out, in a complete coincidence, we also wrote a book about Mike Pence’s rabbit that is also being published. In fact, while his is out tomorrow, ours is being released right now.”

Oliver’s book was written by one of his staff writers, Jill Twiss and was illustrated by an artist based out of Indiana, Pence’s home state. It is titled "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo," and it contains just a few differing plot points that Oliver explained on his show:

“Now, there are a few small differences between the two books. You’ll notice right away that our rabbit has a bow tie, so there’s that. Also, our story is about Marlon Bundo falling in love with another boy rabbit, because our Marlon Bundo is gay—just like the real Marlon Bundo.”

Everyone knows Pence promoted conversion therapy and has supported policies that discriminate against the LBGTQ community. So, Oliver’s team writing a gay love story for children involving the Vice President’s bunny is sure to really get under his bigoted skin.

The proceeds for the sale of Oliver’s book go to the Trevor Project, an organization that helps LGBT youth in crisis, and AIDS United which according to Oliver are “two great reasons to buy this book.” However, if doing a good deed isn’t incentive enough, Oliver offered a third compelling reason, “selling more books than Pence will probably really piss him off, so that’s three great reasons right there.”

Watch the hysterical video above. The bunny bit starts at around 14:00.

For more read, “John Oliver Trolls Vice President Mike Pence With Gay Children’s Book of His Pet Bunny” written by Marlow Stern published by The Daily Beast on March 19, 2018.