ICE detains mother, takes her 18-month-old baby to facility over 100 miles away

Mirian has not seen her son in two months.

Mirian fled native Honduras with her 18-month-old son due to rising violence. Upon reaching the US, she went to the immigration authorities seeking asylum. The immigration officials took her Honduran ID, her child’s birth certificate, and his hospital birth record. Then the took her son. The immigration officers gave no reason for splitting the mother and child, but still they made the mother place her crying child in a government car, without giving her time to say goodbye, and drove him to a new facility over 100 miles away.

Mirian has not seen her son in two months.

Mirian and her son’s situation isn’t an isolated case. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, they are just one of hundreds of families separated unnecessarily by ICE. The ACLU has filed a national class-action lawsuit to try and have the abhorrent practice stopped.

Immigration authorities claim the breaking up of families is to ensure the children aren’t being “smuggled in” by non-relatives, but that seems a bit hard to believe considering Mirian had both a birth certificate and hospital papers for her child who was ripped from her arms.

In the case of a Congolese mother and her seven-year-old daughter that were separated for 4 months, the DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen admits that it “took too long” to reunite the pair, but ICE made no effort to attempt to reunite mother and child until the ACLU filed a lawsuit. Nielsen claims that the separations are done because ”the law tells them to” in the best “interest of the child.”

Yet, the American Academy of Pediatrics disagrees with the notion that tearing crying children away from a parent is in their best interest. In fact, it causes severe trauma. “The psychological distress, anxiety, and depression associated with separation from a parent would follow the children well after the immediate period of separation--even after the eventual reunification with a parent or other family.”

Now, the Trump administration has revealed a disgusting plan to house migrant children in warehouses -- or perhaps they should be called “internment camps for kids.” The ACLU will continue to fight the abhorrent practices of this soulless administration, “No matter how the Trump administration attempts to spin its actions, the suffering is is causing is intentional and illegal, and the administration must be held accountable.”

Watch a report about the forced separations in the video above.

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