How do you deal with blatant racism at schools? EXACTLY like THIS.

ZERO tolerance is the ONLY way to handle incidents such as these.

Today racism seems to have quickly become the norm, but a New Jersey High School has said enough. When members of the boys lacrosse team decided to speak a racial slur, calling a student from another school the n-word, the high school wasn’t about to let the incident slide, so they decided to suspend lacrosse for the entire season.

The incident was reported to have occurred on May 1st at a Sterling and Haddon Heights girls’ track meet was held at Haddonfield. A ninth-grade track team member was told to “get off the track, n****r” by a member of the Haddonfield boys’ lacrosse team.

The school Superintendent, David Lindenmuth was quick to make a statement condemning the actions, “there is no room for hate of any kind at Haddonfield Schools and it will not be tolerated. It is not we we are and it does not represent our student body.”

In addition to the cancellation of the season, the school is also planning diversity and sensitivity training.