Hannity warns of impending 'civil war' if Mueller finds Trump guilty

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is worried that the Mueller investigation will lead to a civil war...or a food fight.

During a broadcast of his radio program, Sean Hannity. a Fox New personality and loyal Trumper, warned that a “civil war” would break out if Robert Mueller tries to take down Trump. Hannity is probably the second biggest critic of Mueller’s investigation into the Russian meddling, and he has spend countless hours of air time shaking his fist at the probe and pushing his anti-Trump conspiracy theories.

His latest radio rant warned of the impending civil war:

“This country is headed towards a civil war in terms of two sides that are just hating each other and if Robert Mueller wants, there’s a big red button in the middle of the table. And if Robert Mueller is so pompous and so arrogant and so power hungry and so corrupt that he’s going to hit the red button and he’s going to ignite a battle that we’ve not seen in this country before.”

Hannity continued on about the divide, clarifying that he wasn’t “talking about a war” when he said “civil war.” He meant more along the lines of “not being able to have a family dinner without mashed potatoes being thrown across the room.” Scary stuff, to be sure.

Then Hannity broke the American people down into two groups, “those that stand for truth and those that literally buy into the corrupt Deep State attacks against a duly elected president.”

It is likely that Sean Hannity either underestimates or blindly refuses to acknowledge the percentage of Americans that stand with and support the Mueller investigation. He better get his potatoes ready.

Listen to Hannity's newest bizarre rant below:

Read more about it here: “Hannity: ‘This Country Is Headed Towards a Civil War’ If Mueller Hits His ‘Big Red Button’" written by Justin Baagona posted by Mediaite on April 02, 2018.

Kremlin-linked trolls are using content from Fox News host Sean Hannity's website to bolster the campaign to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the Trump campaign cooperated with Russian election interference.
Hannity's website has ranked among the top domains shared by a network of Kremlin-associated Twitter accounts in recent weeks using data from the Hamilton 68 dashboard compiled by the nonpartisan Alliance for Securing Democracy.

Thanks for sharing that info, Jack.
The reported traffic from Russian/Putin paid bots is up 2,000% since Trump’s “Mr.Fixer” Cohen’s office and 2 residences were raided. McClatchey reported that the FBI found PROOF that Cohen DID travel to Prague and DID MEET with Russian spies as was reported from the Steele Dossier.
It’s now been proven that 2 weeks prior to that, Carter Page met with Russian officials in Moscow, which Page lied about. Page reportedly carried a tape recorded message from Trump to Putin promising to end sanctions on Russian money laundering banks in return for Russia helping Trump win the election.

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