GOP Rep. who slept with patients, paid for abortions: 'God forgave me'

This "family values" Republican is sure that he's been forgiven. How reassuring for the rest of us.

Growing up Evangelical, I’m never shocked at the blatant hypocrisy that pours from Republicans surrounding their Christian ‘family values.’ Simply ask Jesus for forgiveness and all is magically erased with a big sky wand, as long as you’re a Republican.

Of course the dude who slept with six women while married, encouraged his girlfriend, who he called “psycho,” to get an abortion, supported his wife getting two abortions, and abused his position as a Doctor to date patients and prescribe pain killers to his side bitch, is a Pro-life family values politician. Of course he is.

Bro isn’t even denying it. He paid a fine for his misconduct as a Doctor, has a fresh new wifey and forgiveness from the Invisible Sky Man’s Son, Jesus. This story is utterly boring and predictable because the Evangelical Church has been a morally bankrupt political institution since throwing support behind Reagan

His name is Scott DesJarlais and he serves Tennessee, not that it matters to get his discrepancies known to his base. From experience I know the brainwashed church goers will only shower him with love and support, for ‘overcoming his struggles.’

Perhaps it will at least fire up the disengaged people who don’t vote?

Here's what Bill Maher had to say about Scott DesJarlais way back in 2014:

Submitted by Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

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