GOP Rep who owns a dealership: Acknowledging auto industry racism is un-American

Kelly also couldn't stop gushing over Dear Leader, giving him all the credit for OBAMA'S solid economy.

Republican Representative Mike Kelly thinks that acknowledging racism is un-American, and he doesn’t understand Democrats obsession with combating racial discrimination. Kelly recently had a little altercation on the House floor with Rep Maxine Waters because his Republican party has decided to get rid of auto lending discrimination protections.

The rescinded protections keep car dealers from charging higher interest rates to nonwhite buyers, a common practice according to studies conducted by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Kelly, however, didn’t like the tone of Waters argument, so he ran to "Fox & Friends" to complain about it.

“We have seen the economy take off. I just think that if you come to the floor and there are 60 minutes to debate. 30 minutes on each side. But as I was sitting there, I had 30 minutes of Democrats coming down and talking about how bad automobile people are because they discriminate against nonwhite buyers. I said that’s not America. We don’t talk about those things.”

Interesting way of wording things. He didn’t say “We don’t DO those things,” he said “We don’t TALK about those things.” Then Kelly went on to praise Trump for ending racism...clearly the man is also delusional.

“When I’ve seen what President Trump has done and you come in this area you can see it. It is so uplifting. Look at this, you say ‘if your only platform is hate and resistance and not about bringing the country together again’ — I mean, listen, we are still the United States of America, not Divided States of America, and if we can’t talk better than what happened on the floor the other day. I was disappointed and the Democrats that came down, every single person demagoguing and talking about how bad automobile people are. It’s just not true.”

Kelly is an automobile dealer, which is likely why he keeps whining about the Democrats making them look bad. Isn’t there some saying about the guilty dog barking the loudest?

If you really want to see something amazing, watch this video of Rep. Maxine Waters going off on Kelly just a few days ago, via the Act Now 2017 YouTube channel:

Read more about Mike Kelly’s whining, “Congressman says it is un-American to acknowledge that racism exists” written by Josh Israel and posted by Think Progress on May 15, 2018