GOP leader on CNN: Stop exposing Trump's lies, truth hurts Trumpflakes' feelings

Conservative Matt Schlapp doesn’t think it is the job of journalists to point out when the Trump is lying.

Matt Schlapp, the American Conservative Union Chairman, was recently interviewed on CNN where he made the claim that informing the public when the president or his administration is lying shouldn’t be the job of journalists. Instead, journalists should just present Trump’s statements and let the American people decide what information is factual.

Schlapp, a frequent guest on Fox News, said:

“We have political disagreements in this country, and I think it’s wrong for journalists to take that next step. Just present the facts. Let the American people decide if they think someone is lying. The journalist shouldn’t be the one to say the president or his spokesperson is lying, because what that does is to 50 percent of the country, is it makes them feel like they aren’t credible to listen to anymore.”

So, journalists shouldn’t point out when Trump or any lawmaker isn’t being truthful because it might hurt people’s feelings?

Watch the interview via CNN below:

I guess it's apparent who the real snowflakes are now.

Watch the interview, “Prominent Republican says it’s ‘wrong’ for journalists to call out Trump’s lies“ written by Aaron Rupar and posted by Think Progress on April 30, 2018.

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""The journalist shouldn’t be the one to say the president or his spokesperson is lying"" One of dumber conservative statements.


It's wrong for conservatives like that to pretend that we can't discern that this POTUS lies - deliberately lies - at least 5 times a day.