GoFundMe meets goal: Mariachi band to play outside of racist NYC lawyer's office

The NYC attorney who threatened to call ICE on employees who were speaking Spanish will be getting quite the surprise!

You may have seen the video of Schlossberg having a meltdown inside a Fresh Kitchen in NYC, where the attorney shouted at people for speaking Spanish in his vicinity. He threatened to call ICE and have the employees and customers deported.

Schlossberg told the manager of the restaurant:

“Your clients and your staff are speaking Spanish to staff when they should be speaking English. My guess is they’re undocumented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them taken out of my country.”

After the video of the lawyer’s tantrum went viral, it didn’t take long for internet users to track down his name and where he works. Ironically, Schlossberg lists fluency in Spanish as one of his skills on his law firms website.

Concerned about the obvious bad day Schlossberg was having, some amazing citizens decided to raise $500 in order to hire a mariachi band and have them perform outside Schlossberg’s office building. The noble cause is looking to counter “hate and racism with the sound of music.”

The idea was so popular, that they far surpassed their goal amount. However, a mariachi band actually volunteered to do the performance for free, so the page has decided to use the money to sponsor a taco truck to accompany the band. The page also promises to film the glorious event. Perhaps Schlossberg will be in a better mood with a plate full of tacos to enjoy.

If you missed his nasty tirade, you can watch the video below, via Huffington Post's YouTube channel:

Read more about the best GoFundMe ever, “A GoFundMe For the Xenophobic Lawyer Whose Meltdown Went Viral Hires a Mariachi Band to Play Outside His Office” written by Aidan McLaughlin posted by Mediaite on May 17, 2018