Fox sets lowest bar yet, praises Trump for not murdering journalists

It is no secret that Trump doesn’t care much for the press, but Fox news doesn’t care because “he’s not killing anyone.”

The Committee to Protect Journalists, or the CPJ, named Trump for the award of “Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom.” The award came after Donald Trump announced his upcoming (but not yet scheduled) “Fake News Awards” ceremony.

Guest Katie Frates, an editor at The Daily Caller, and the “Fox & Friends” crew don’t think Trump is deserving of the award, however, because unlike a few other heads of state, President Trump hasn’t murdered any journalists.

With a chuckle, Steve Doocy lists Mexico, Russia, and the Philippines, all countries where journalists have been killed, as reasons why Trump doesn’t deserve a mention as an oppressor in the CPJ report.

Frates agrees that Trump may deserve to be called thin skinned (he was named runner up to Turkish President Erdogan), but she ultimately defends him, “Look, like, it is true that Trump does have thin skin. You can see it in how he behaves on Twitter with the media. But again, he cannot be the worst because he’s not killing anyone.”

Fortunately, it is true that Trump hasn’t started putting members of the press to death, but shouldn’t a country that celebrates (and constitutionally protects) a free press put that bar just a tiny bit higher than not murdering reporters?

Learn more about the “Fox & Friends” episode by reading “Fox News praises Trump “because he’s not killing anyone," written by Tommy Christopher for Shareblue Media and published on January 10, 2018.