Fox guest on immigrants: 'White supremacists are American citizens'

Tucker Carlson and his guest went full white nationalist saying, "diversity is not strength" as well.

Tucker Carlson and his guest went full throated White Nationalist on his Fox “News” show on January 18th. Carlson began…

Carlson was joined by talking head Mark Steyn, who although born in Canada was brought in to comment on American immigration policy. Steyn was worked up over a video clip of CNN’s Chris Cuomo saying white supremacists are the real danger to America. Steyn said, “I mean, for the purposes of argument let’s say he is right, it’s irrelevant. The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.” Carlson responded, “how can you lead a country whose population you despise?” So, I guess Carlson’s advocating for leaders who love white supremacists?