Father deported after 30 years in U.S. -- 'family values' party cheers

More red meat for Trump’s virulent "Christian conservative" base.

His name is Jorge Garcia and Monday, on Martin Luther King Day, he was deported to Mexico by ICE Agents, despite having committed no crime. Jorge left his sobbing 14 year old daughter, 12 year old son, and wife in Detroit to go to a country he hasn’t lived in for 30 years. Jorge was brought here at age 10, too old to qualify for DACA. For fifteen years he and his American wife have tried to fix his paperwork, but his amnesty was revoked under Trump.

The hypocritical Right Wing pro-family types feel obligated to cluck morally in the face of this monster they created. Bill Kristol wrings his hands, “surely this should not be happening.”

While Reagan Battalion is trying to reason “We are not pro amnesty, we are pro not being heartless, stupid, and cruel.”

It’s all just a bit too hypocritical for me, especially after they were fawning over Trump’s success with Gorsich and the Tax bill just last week. It’s their parties president who issued an Executive Order to deport all “removable aliens,” criminal or not, and their Party is in control of Congress failing to act on immigration reform. No amount of moral signaling on Twitter changes those facts.

Twenty eight thousand humans have been deported under Trumps expansive order, up threefold from Obama. This number, and Jorge’s story has played well with Trump’s virulent base. Trump said he’d only deport immigrants who had committed a crime, but MAGA doesn’t see this as a lie. Never to be dissuaded by facts like Jorge’s owning his own business, paying taxes, being lawful, and being married to an American, the common refrain is “he broke the law by being here,” or “he took benefits illegally.” I wonder how many of them smoke pot and don’t pay for downloaded music.

This is truly a crisis of American morality, as Executive Orders not approved by Congress are enforced by unquestioning ICE minions. AJ Freer from USW 600, an immigrant advocacy group said “ I think ICE and the federal government of the United States acted cruelly to this family.” I couldn’t agree more. Morally I wonder what kind of human decides to work as an ICE agent, and ‘just follow orders’ to escort someone like this Dad to the airport, on Martin Luther King Day, in exchange for overtime pay? What sort of political party endorses this with their inaction?

Watch the report below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Read more about the heartless deportation here: “A Michigan father, too old for DACA, is deported after three decades in the U.S.” written by Derek Hawkins and published by The Washington Post on January 16, 2018.