Evangelical Texas women: Stormy and media plotted conspiracy to destroy Trump

The women in Dallas don’t care about the words of a “porn star” because their president is doing an “amazing job."

CNN and Randi Kaye are back in Dallas, TX to discuss the Stormy Daniels’ interview with the bevy of Trump worshiping women that believe Trump is the president ordained by god. The conservative Christian group gathered to watch Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes interview and explain why it would have absolutely no bearing on their support for Trump while a larger than life charcoal sketch of his face looms in the background.

The general consensus post interview was that the “stripper porn star” has no credibility, and the “mainstream media” went “looking and shopping” to find stories that are “demeaning to our president.” Although the women do not believe that Trump is guilty of these “peccadilloes,” it doesn’t matter to them if he is because that is “between him, the Lord, and his family.” The women agree that his indiscretions do not change the fact that he is “doing an amazing job” running the country.

You can watch a little over three minutes of the discussion in the video above. IF you can make it that long.

Read more about CNN and the Dallas Bevy, “CNN Likes Talking to Women Trump Supporters in Dallas” written by Alex Macon posted by D Magazine on March 27, 2018.