Evangelical Pastor: ‘I fear liberals' more than murderous madman Vladimir Putin

Right-wing preacher tells Jim Bakker that he would rather live in Russia under Putin than in an America with liberals.

The right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau offered up an interesting point of view during his appearance on Jim Bakker’s TV show. Wallnau declared that despite the fact that Putin probably murders journalists and runs his country like a mobster, he has always been nice to Christians and therefore he is less dangerous to the world than America’s liberals.

“I’m suspicious when the establishment right and the entire left all hate a nation. You know what? I’m beginning to wonder what’s right with Russia that they’re so vilified by the left.”

Wallnau goes on to say that Putin can’t be a “friend to the West” because of LGBTQ activists. According to the preacher, the LGBTQ community and the liberals expect Putin to “bow the knee to the orthodoxy of the homosexual agenda.” Whatever that means.

“I’m not saying that Putin is a good guy. He’s like a mafia chief over there. I will say that he is not nearly -- as a Christian, if you are faithful to Russia and you are not a danger to his government, you are probably not going to find him an adversary in your own nation. I fear more liberals in America than I fear Putin in Russia.”

Yes, Lance, a guy that murders or imprisons his opponents, suppresses minority rights, annexes foreign territories, and attempts to manipulate the outcome of a U.S. election is so much better than the gay people who just want a fucking wedding cake.

Watch the video above via Right Wing Watch.

Read more about the idiotic statements, “Lance Wallnau: ‘I Fear More Liberals In America Than I Fear Putin In Russia’" written by Kyle Mantyla and posted by Right Wing Watch on May 30, 2018

If we were smart, we'd give the piece of shit a REASON to fear us.