Easily controlled Christian extremists to blame for fake news epidemic

You mean, malleable religious zealots obsessed with paternal control are easily influenced by fake news? SHOCKING!

Kurt Anderson, Peabody Award winner and linguistic expert in Trumpspeak has an answer for why there’s an epidemic of fake news; Theocratic Christians. In a new video for ‘Big Think’ called “How Religion made America go Nuts,” Anderson explains how American Christianity has become “extreme... magical and supernatural in its beliefs.” America has turned away from its long tradition of practical moral Christianity in favor of fantasy, and the Republican Party is playing along.

In just 8 short years this radicalization took root in the Presidential race. In 2008 3/4 of the Republican candidates said they believed in Evolution. In 2016 it was down to just JEB! who still had to qualify that evolution should be taught alongside the fantasy of creationism. The GOP may or may not be true believers, but they’re happily playing along with the Theocratic Nutters.

Anderson suggests the shift to Christian extremism has allowed the GOP to “accept fantasy and wishful untruth more and more in its approach to policy.” He cites climate change denial and belief in a secret Muslim conspiracy as examples. Trump supporters are deep in the fantasy, with a new study from Oxford showing they share more conspiracy and junk news than any other group. See my shocked visage.

I advise not engaging with these types. No amount of talk will sway them from belief. It’s a catch 22, as only A Magical Sky Man is real, and science and fact are the enemy. Spend your time where it counts and get your logical, scientific, and truly moral friends registered to vote.