Dutch Media to Trump's ambassador: ‘You have to answer questions'

The Netherlands media ain’t playin,' and Trump’s appointed fear-mongering diplomat got burned.

Back in 2015, Peter Hoekstra claimed, without evidence, that the Netherlands was experiencing chaos created by the “Islamic Movement,” that “politicians are being burned” and that there are “no go zones.” He offered no proof for these conspiracy theories.

With his appointment by Trump as Ambassador to the Netherlands, he released a broad apology about his “remarks.” But during his introductory press conference on Wednesday, Dutch reporters weren’t satisfied and began drilling down on the details.

Roel Geeraedts asked pointed questions, even after the Ambassador repeatedly dodged him. “Are politicians being burned in the Netherlands... is this something you believe? Yes or no.” When the Ambassador refused to answer, a chorus of other reporters supported their colleague and demanded a reply. One notable voice on the video declared “this is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions.”

Roel Geeraedts also manages to artfully troll the Ambassador, at the press conference telling him to read the engraved mantelpiece behind him about wise men. He tweeted a video of the exchange declaring that the only politician who got burned was the Ambassador, and to Make the Ambassadorship Great Again.

Gauntlet thrown. I’m so impressed with our Dutchlandia Amsterdamian Netherlander brethren who can teach us a thing or two about how to properly handle Trump’s shithole. I mean mouth. I mean replies.

Submitted by Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Find out more by reading "Reporters to Trump ambassador: ‘This is the Netherlands — you have to answer questions’" written by Eli Rosenberg and Amar Nadhir and published by The Washington Post on January 10, 2018.