Democrat receives standing ovation in deep red PA coal country

Ex-Trump voters are ready to back the blue in Pennsylvania!

This past weekend, Trump made a trip to Pennsylvania to rally for Republican Rick Saccone in a special election. As usual, Trump brought his usual fare: racism, attacks on Elizabeth Warren, hateful words about the press, and brags about Mexico paying for the wall. He even managed to throw in an insult to California Representative Maxine Waters.

However, many former Trump voters brought something a little less predictable: enthusiastic support for Conor Lamb. It would seem they are no longer buying what Trump is selling. The coal crowd was saving the love for the Democrat. Yep. They were cheering blue in a district that Trump won by 20 points.

Saccone is behind in the polls, most likely because he refused to support an anti-animal cruelty bill and for his callous treatment of the mother of an opioid addict. Even though, it is still astounding that Lamb has a chance in this historically red area.

Perhaps the loss of his beloved “coal country” is an indication that Trump’s time has passed.

Watch them cheer for the Democrat: “Ex-Trump voters in coal country bring down the house for a Democrat“ written by Tommy Christopher published by Share Blue posted on March 11, 2018.