'Christian' host to teen: 'Satan is your father' if he didn't vote for Trump

Right-winger Jesse Lee Peterson tells a teenage caller that the Devil is his dad because they don’t support Trump.

Right-wing commentator, Jesse Lee Peterson, had a caller on his radio show yesterday that questioned how conservative Christians could proudly support Trump. Peterson’s response was to insist that Trump was enacting legislation “according to the bible” and then attack the caller, telling him “”


The caller admitted that he was too young to vote in the last election, but he definitely wouldn’t have voted for Trump if he was old enough because of Trump’s immoral behavior and the fact that he is a proven liar. The young caller just wanted to know how conservative Christians reconcile the inconsistencies in their teachings with their support of Trump to which JLP responded:

“If you won’t vote for a man like President Trump, then everything about your life is inconsistent. You are in a fallen state and Satan is your father, so your whole life is inconsistent.”