Candidate for Congress wants 90% white neighborhoods, says blacks have lower IQs

Arthur Jones is running for Congress on a White Supremacy platform, and 20,000 people in Chicago voted for him.

Arthur Jones a White Nationalist running for Congress in Chicago’s third district. When asked if he thinks he has a shot a winning he replied, “listen I wouldn’t be in this if I didn't think I could win.”

Jones is a member of the American Nazi party and denies the holocaust even happened. He is campaigning to keep Chicago neighborhoods 90% white because as he says:

“I think most white people want a white neighborhood.”

He also thinks that the average IQ of a black person is 20 points lower than the average IQ of a white person.

When the lighter skinned reporter tells him that she went to Harvard, he responds that she has “a lot of white blood” in her which is where her “intelligence coming from.”

Before you dismiss Jones as some alt-right lunatic and go about your day, think on this: 20,000 people voted for him in the March primary, and he will be on the Republican ticket in November.

And Jones isn’t alone. He is one of 8 White Nationalists running for State or Federal office this year, more than ever before.

Another White Nationalist, Patrick Little, who likens Jewish people to monsters, is running for the Senator in California. Little feels like Trump is speaking to people like him, and his supporters think that Little, and people with similar views, are exactly the type of politicians that will make America great again.

Watch the video above, “More white nationalists running for office than ever before posted by the MSNBC Facebook page on June 1, 2018