Borat Creator's New Showtime Show is Promising Laughs at Donald Trump's Expense

Baron Cohen is back on July 15th, but what exactly is he rolling out this time? The marketing has been very mysterious.

Sacha Baron Cohen, of Borat Fame, is rekindling his feud with reality TV star Donald Trump in his new Showtime series which is set to drop on July 15th.

The famously confrontational prankster’s Who Is America? is guaranteed to offend many. That we know for sure.

Baron Cohen, who had been dormant on Twitter for quite awhile, posted an old video from Trump’s vlog where he insults the comedian saying, “go to school, learn about being funny.” Then, the very next day Variety reported about his distribution talks with Showtime, building up the buzz.

This report was followed by another Tweet from Baron Cohen, a video claiming he has been undercover filming a show for the last year, and it even featured Dick Cheney signing a “waterboarding kit.”


Though it isn’t exactly clear, yet, how Trump is tied into the show, it is likely to be another chapter in the long history between the two celebrities. In 2003, Trump was interviewed on the Ali G show where he walked out on Baron Cohen, and then later bragged on Twitter that he was the only person to do so (Trump actually sat and talked for 7 minutes.) In 2016, Baron Cohen co-wrote the script for The Brothers Grimsby in which Donald Trump contracted AIDS, and then Baron Cohen showed up at the film’s red carpet wearing a red MAGA hat. So, there is really no telling how high this newest jab at Trump will soar.

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